The ideal front-end to Teradata

arcplan is a lightweight, flexible engine for web-based reporting, dashboards, and analytics. It not only connects to Teradata with its relational interface but also leverages the Teradata OLAP Connector for powerful Ad-hoc analysis as well as budgeting, planning, and forecasting applications – all with a single architecture.

How can arcplan complement your Teradata investment?

  • Easy and fast deployment of analytic applications, management reports, and dashboards without programming
  • Mobile access to Teradata analytics on any mobile device
  • Simple mobile application management since you "develop once, deploy anywhere"
  • Access to every BI app in a web browser and Excel, all the while maintaining a live connection to the database
  • Data input and write-back capabilities enable Teradata to act as a planning repository. Read more here >> 
  • Integration of your Teradata data with other corporate data throughout the enterprise 

The combination of your Teradata database and arcplan creates a unique opportunity to discover new insights and improve your business. There has never been a better time to evaluate arcplan to extend your Teradata investment.