CERN Controls its Finances with arcplan-based Cockpit Suite

CERN is the largest particle physics research centre in the world. Around 6,500 visiting scientists from 500 educational institutions from more than 80 countries use the CERN systems for their research. The joint venture has an annual budget of around a billion euros and is financed by 20 member states, which expect detailed reports about project funding, outcomes, etc. In order to support CERN’s global mission and satisfy the demands of its financiers and researchers, CERN’s Finance and Procurement Department must effectively manage key processes such as individual project controlling and managing costs such as purchasing and services. In order to do so, an arcplan Enterprise-based cockpit solution was deployed to complement Oracle data warehouse so that real-time performance monitoring can be conducted.
The management cockpit dashboard gives decision-makers precisely what is needed to address:

  • challenges of changing financial transactions,
  • cost changes that will impact new and ongoing project descriptions and

developments in investment and resources planning.

"The arcplan-powered management and reporting dashboard contributes decisively to improving and controlling financial activities. As a controlling instrument, it helps the Finance Department to harmonize operational processes and data with strategic goals and corporate governance.The cockpit’s ability to reliably provide key performance indicators frees the way for effective risk management."
Flavio Costa, IT Project Manager, CERN Finance and Procurement Department

Based on arcplan Enterprise the Cockpit provides executive staff and middle management with a

  • standard management of economic decision-making scenarios and resources planning,
  • process transparency, and
  • fast support of processes related to decision-making.

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