Code of Conduct

For all users that register at arc|community we set up a set of simple rules for participation, as well as some additional assumptions in regard to confidentiality and intellectual property rights. 

  • DO use your real name to support the authenticity of the entire community
  • DO search for answers before posting your question
  • DO provide sufficient details for other members to understand your question
  • DO share information related to any arcplan topic
  • DO clearly distinguish between your and other people's work (attribution)
  • DO keep conversations polite and professional
  • DON’T spam people or the community with unsolicited information or advertisement
  • DON’T use inappropriate language or be disrespectful in any way
  • DON'T add content where you do not own the copyright
  • DON’T misrepresent your expertise or your company affiliation


Except for Web sites within arc|community which are identified as non-public forums, arc|community is intended to be a public forum and you agree not to provide arcplan or other users with any confidential or proprietary information that you or the owner of the information do not intend to become public information. Except for content labeled as confidential that you upload into a non-public forum, any Content that you send or upload to arc|community will be deemed NOT to be confidential or proprietary, and you expressly agree that you waive any trade secret or other confidentiality rights with respect to such uploaded content.

Intellectual Property

Subject to any licenses you grant to arcplan pursuant to this Code of Conduct, you shall retain ownership of all Intellectual Property Rights in and to the Content provided by you on arc|community to the extent you are the owner or holder of the Intellectual Property Rights. Nothing in this Code of Conduct shall prohibit you from selling or licensing your content to any other party under a separate agreement.

By transmitting or uploading content to arc|community, you grant arcplan a perpetual, unlimited, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license to: use, reproduce, adapt, display, perform, modify, transmit, translate, distribute, and create derivative works of the content; to make, have made, offer to sell, sell, lease, or otherwise distribute any content or product; and to practice any method, embodying such content (including the right to sublicense any of the foregoing). You further represent and warrant to arcplan that you have the right, title, and/or authority to grant such license to arcplan.

arcplan and the arc|community team reserves the right to delete posts or ban members who don’t comply with any of the Code of Conduct statements stated above.

Thank you for joining! We look forward to your participation and the added value that it brings to you and other community members.

Your arc|community Team