Easy to Administer On-Demand Analytics

Too often, organizations put up with delays associated with a data-centric approach to business intelligence: field managers need to wait five days before getting month-end close reports or finance executives wait 72 hours while a financial analyst uses three systems to answer one question. With arcplan Enterprise, you get business intelligence when you need it, cost-effectively.

Once developed, arcplan-based business intelligence solutions are easy to deploy and to administer. arcplan's Administration Console provides the right tool for IT professionals to keep track of the organization's BI and analysis solutions. Data connectivity is maintained by the deployed applications and access is granted using the login credentials of the users actually using the applications. By supporting single sign-on, organizations can easily set up analysis and reporting environments that match corporate security protocols.

All arcplan applications are stored on the arcplan Enterprise Server and retrieved using arcplan client interfaces, available in Java and .NET. This common interface ensures consistent data delivery and dissemination of knowledge to all employees throughout your enterprise. In addition, web services end points expose arcplan analyses for reuse by other applications and analytical tools.