arcplan brings your dashboards to life with exciting visualizations like animated charts, motion charts, and mashups. Check out how these advanced chart types can make your analysis more powerful and flexible than ever.

Animated Charts
With arcplan, any chart can transition gracefully when you adjust filters. Each chart type supports different animation options  for example, sweep, linear, and bounce. Developers can modify the transition behavior by simply right clicking and choosing from a list of options supported by the chart type.

Motion Charts
Motion charts animate data across a dimension  for example, time – to give you a visual of the development of your KPIs in the past that may allow a prediction of future outcomes.

arcplan supports server-side and client-side mashup capabilities for integrating any 3rd-party open web API content into published arcplan applications. The example shows a Google Maps integration in an arcplan dashboard application.

If you are missing a certain chart type, like to have a mash-up integrated, or need help refreshing your arcplan dashboards with chart animation, let us know. Our professional services team will assist you. Contact us for more information.