Transform your Business with SOA & Mashups

With arcplan's web services  arcplan Analytic Services organizations can use their analytics anywhere. Comprehensive SOA integration of analytics requires not only access to data, but also sharing the results of analysis with other applications. With arcplan, the promise of SOA is delivered - analytics where you need them, regardless of your existing IT investments.

Use any web service as a data source from a legacy or operational system, business intelligence data source, 3rd-party source, or even another arcplan application. Or expose any arcplan analysis such as a financial dashboard based on Hyperion and SAP data as a web service to other applications. And monitor and improve entire business processes instead of just metrics with business intelligence that alerts on conditions in multiple systems.

Web 2.0 Intelligence Using Mashups

arcplan Enterprise enhances standard web services by supporting server-side and client-side mashup capabilities for integrating 3rd-party content into published arcplan applications. Through a JavaScript API available in arcplan Enterprise 6 onwards, bi-directional composite applications can be deployed to a whole new range of capabilities. Consider the following:

  • Retail revenue analysis integrated with Google Maps or Microsoft's Virtual Earth, also showing competitor locations
  • Insurance risk analysis overlaid with video coverage of accident locations
  • Inventory turn and shrink analysis integrated with a CrunchBase diagram of the supplier network

Mashups can upgrade your analysis environment to Web 2.0 standards, allowing you to use any 3rd-party open web API content directly within your arcplan application and create interactivity between the components.

To learn more about arcplan and Mashups, click here to read our white paper.