SAP BW-Integrated Planning (SAP BW-IP) clients can now rapidly and easily leverage planning processes by employing flexible planning models and highly visual analytic applications based on arcplan Enterprise. With arcplan, business users get real-time interactive applications that are more than just reports – without any need for programming.

arcplan adds functionality to SAP BW-Integrated Planning, including:

  • Flexible creation of planning applications
  • Web- and Excel-based planning applications
  • What-if scenarios, simulations, forecasts
  • Company-specific process modeling

In addition to safeguarding your investment, making full use of the existing infrastructure, and obtaining a future-proof extendable solution, the combination of arcplan and SAP BW-IP offers the following advantages:

  • Data access through BEx queries and direct write-back into InfoCubes
  • Integrity of data due to the use of existing SAP infrastructure
  • Call and pass parameters to SAP BW-IP functions directly
  • Easy integration and optimized support of workflow and process logic (e.g. release processes, notifications, etc.)
  • Comprehensive graphic functionality and flexible commenting options
  • And many more …

A complete list and more details can be found in our two-page brochure on arcplan for SAP BW-IP. Click here to download the PDF.

According to The BI Survey 12 (2012), arcplan Enterprise is again the most widely-used third-party BI front-end to SAP BW, Oracle Essbase, and IBM Cognos TM1.