What product versions are supported? 

arcplan supports the current software release and the two previous major releases. These versions are eligible for support requests, patch updates, and service packs. New functional enhancements will only be offered for the current version of the software. Notwithstanding the before mentioned, all software versions will only be supported for a maximum period of up to 48 months from the General Release date of the major release.

The major release is denoted by the first digit of the version number.

The arcplan products support underlying 3rd party software such as operating systems, databases, runtime environments and its components, in their latest two versions.

Current major arcplan releases

  • arcplan Enterprise 7.x
  • arcplan Engage 2.x
  • arcplan Edge 2.x
  • arcplan Excel Analytics 2.x

Where to find the Technical Support System? 

The support system arcplan Answers is part of our online customer portal arc|community. Click here for more details. There you can also find our Knowledge Base and download of software updates, depending on your service contract with arcplan.